General Termas & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

1.1. Check in & check out hours are mentioned in our website, our
mobile application and the Booking Confirmation. In case, there is no
relevant mention in such documents, then Customers and Guests can
check in at or after 15:00 and shall check out by 11:00.
1.2. The Hotel is not obliged to provide accommodation to the Customer
and the Guests before 15:00 (early check in). The Customer may agree
with the Hotel otherwise, in which case an additional charge may apply.
If the Customer accepts such charge, then the Hotel will send an
amended Booking Confirmation. Any derogation from the
aforementioned check in & check out hours can only be binding upon the
Hotel a) if it is stipulated in the Booking Confirmation or b) if such
change is requested during the Guests stay, only when the Hotel
manager has provided his approval and the Customer has paid the
relevant additional charge.  
1.3. In case the Customer and his or her Guests do not depart from the
room or rooms booked by 11:00 at the date of departure (late check
out), the Hotel will have the right to impose an extra charge, depending
on the time the Customer and his or her Guests actually departed from
the room or rooms. If the room is evacuated by the Customer and his or
her Guests before 18:00 of the same date, then the Customer will be
obliged to pay an amount of 40 € for this date. If the room is
evacuated by the Customer and his or her Guests after 18:00 of the

same date, then the Customer will be obliged to pay an amount equal to
the 100% of the rate of that room for this date.

In case you lose any items, valuables or property during your stay in our
Hotel, you should immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel. For our
Guests convenience we keep all lost items, valuables or property found
for a period of one (1) month, after the date our personnel found them.
In case we find any items and valuables, we have no obligation to
contact our Guests, in order to inform them accordingly. If we are not
notified by our Guests that they have lost specific items, valuables or
property within one (1) month from their departure (check out date), our
Hotel will not have any obligation to return them, since it is our policy to
dispose any such lost items, valuables and property that are found in our
Hotel after one (1) month. In case of any return of lost items, valuables
and property to you, the postage or courier costs will be born by you.  

The Hotel is not responsible for any stolen valuables, items or other
property of our Guests. It is your obligation to protect your property and
keep your valuables safe. We encourage our Guests to lock their rooms
at all times that they are not present. In order to facilitate you, we, also,
provide a safe deposit box in every room of our Hotel. Our Guests shall
immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel, in case of stolen goods,
property or valuables, so as to notify the police as early as possible.

Our Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the Hotel room or
any furniture and equipment therein as well as the hotel establishment
due to any act or omission attributable to them or their invitees. In such
case, the Customer shall be jointly liable with his or her Guests and
invitees. If such damage is detected after the Guests have departed, our
Hotel reserves the right to make a charge to the Customer's credit or

debit card, in which case, our Hotel reserves the right to charge the

Customer with the cost of replacing any items that were damaged or
removed without consent from the Hotel by the Customer, his or her
Guests or invitees. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the
missing or damaged item, furniture or equipment.